About New England Renewable

New England Renewable Energy Systems has a single mission - to serve our customers by enabling the lowest most predictable energy costs possible and in many cases an off-grid, zero-carbon energy status for residential and commercial applications.

This means offering a portfolio of high quality HVAC, Refrigeration, and Renewable Energy products and services. By integrating across technologies we can offer energy saving packages across a wide variety of commercial and residential applications.

Importantly, our world-class, seasoned staff understands that one renewable technology is not always appropriate for every circumstance and that often the integration of various technologies is the most valuable, effective, and community sensitive solution.

  • 25 years experience with commercial and residential HVAC
  • 25 years experience with commercial refrigeration
  • 25 years experience with geothermal system installation
  • 25 years experience with sheet metal manufacture and installation
  • 20 years experience with electrical engineering, licensed electricians
  • 20 years experience with mechanical engineering and thermodynamics
  • 20 years experience with carpentry and construction

Green Energy, Economical Advantages, Product & Installation pages:

Green Energy
Zero Carbon Products

Geothermal technology provides readily available thermal (temperature-based) energy from beneth the earth’s surface to help maintain a constant minimum and maximum temperature during all seasons.

Product Installation and Services

As a commercial building owner one of your primary concerns is maintaining or reducing your operating expenses. At New England Renewable Energy Systems our goal is to enable the lowest most predictable energy costs available through the use of a variety of traditional and renewable energy technologies.

  Economic Advantages

Homeowners faced with ever increasing energy costs will never be fully sheltered from the uncertainty associated with traditional fossil fuel based energy. While conservation energy is of the utmost importantance for our planet and environment, it cannot protect against increasing costs of oil or gas, not to mention the costs associated with US-based global protection and transportation of critical energy supplies.

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