We are here to deliver you the highest quality HVAC and renewable energy systems, for the lowest, most predictable energy costs possible.

New England Renewable Energy Systems has a single mission to serve our customers by enabling the lowest and most predictable energy costs possible and in certain cases a net-zero energy status for commercial buildings and private residences in and around Boston, its suburbs, Cape Cod, and other parts of south eastern New England.

Our geothermal and water-based heat pump experience is second to none. Since our founding, through the merger of a renewable energy/geothermal systems company and a highly respected heating and cooling installation and service operation about 2 years ago, we have installed over 250 tons of geothermal heat pump systems. These installations include 1) homes, with 1700 to over 10,000 square feet, 2) the first-of-its-kind community residential geothermal system in Massachusetts, and 3) commercial operations including a multiple commercial building complex served by a common geothermal ground heat exchange system.

Further, our company has installed, repaired or serviced over 4000 tons of water-based heat pump systems in the past five years, and we continue building in-depth technological expertise. Our staff understands that not one renewable technology is appropriate for all needs; more often an integration of technologies provides the most valuable, effective, and community sensitive solution.

Note that a “ton” is a measure of heating (or cooling power), and it equals the amount of heat needed to melt one ton of ice per hour.

        Pictures from some of our various installed systems

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Geothermal energy backers appeal to Massachusetts legislators for state incentives

New England Renewable Energy Systems president Edward Malloy says the technology he uses involves a well drilled into the ground that can extract heat, even from ground at a cool 40 degrees, or alternatively can be used to cool a home.

“These systems have been going in for a while, but very niche,” Malloy told the News Service, estimating about 5,000 such systems in place in Massachusetts. He told the committee that “99 percent” of the heat extracted from the ground is solar energy because of “the rotisserie effect of the Earth and sun.”

The administration of Gov. Deval Patrick has put its support behind Finegold’s bill as well, asking only that it include a provision requiring that thermal energy facilities have “low emissions” and “be energy efficient,” Kates-Garnick told the committee.

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Green Energy
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Geothermal technology provides readily available thermal (temperature-based) energy from beneath the earth’s surface to help maintain a constant minimum and maximum temperature during all seasons.

Product Installation and Services

As a commercial building owner one of your primary concerns is maintaining or reducing your operating expenses. At New England Renewable Energy Systems our goal is to enable the lowest most predictable energy costs available through the use of a variety of traditional and renewable energy technologies.
  Economic Advantages

Homeowners faced with ever increasing energy costs will never be fully sheltered from the uncertainty associated with traditional fossil fuel based energy. While conservation energy is of the utmost importantance for our planet and environment, it cannot protect against increasing costs of oil or gas, not to mention the costs associated with US-based global protection and transportation of critical energy supplies.

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